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TM7C 2009


TM7C   CONTEST IOTA  2009 en chiffre et en photo Par Frank POUCHIN F4AJQ. Voila maintenant 5 ans que  Micheline et Bernard F9IE nous  accueillent dans leur maison de BARBATRE  sur l’île de NOIRMOURIER IOTA EU 064. Cette année l’équipe était composée de F4AJQ F5NQL F5JSD F5PED F6AML F8BJI  et F9IE. F6EGG est venue pour nous …

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DXpedition to Rwanda—9X0R by Fabrizio Vedovelli,  IN3ZNR-WH0Q   The seeds of the DXpedition to Rwanda were sown a long time ago, in mid 2006, when we returned home from our Western Sahara effort.  Many emails went back and forth between me, Tony Gonzalez (EA5RM) and others talking about possibilities for our next trip.  We chose …

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Guyana 2008 by G3SWH

GUYANA 2008 BY PHIL WHITCHURCH G3SWH   Jim, G3RTE and I first started planning our latest DX-pedition in 2004.  The major obstacle was getting the licence.  Back then, my first point of contact was by e-mail with Peter Denny, 8R1WD who was at the time (and still is) the President of the Guyana Amateur Radio …

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