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HI9/EA3BT & HI9/EA3WL: A visit to paradise



Traduction en français à venir… en attendant voilà la version anglaise.

XV4D – Phu Quoc Island

XV4D – DXpedition to Paradise Island Phu Quoc

“How does it look like this year? Are you joining us?” After my first expedition with Sigis Team, DL7DF to Botswana last year, this was not an unexpected question. “Where are we going this year?” – “Vietnam” was his answer.
That was perfect: my premiere for me to enter Asia. So I didn´t hesitate and said I will join you. The approved team this time were: Manfred, DK1BT, Wolfgang DL4WK, Sigi DL7DF and Frank DL7UFR.

{morfeo 45}

6W & J5 by HA0NAR



The tropical climate of Basse Casamance (South-West Senegal) cycles between a dry season and a wet season, which usually starts in June and ends in October. In May and June, air temperature is around 28°C (82°F). In January and February, the coldest months, it is around 24°C (75°F). Temperatures of below 18°C (64°F) are quite rare. This was one of our reasons to visit Senegal and Bissau–Guinea in January and in February of 2010. We (my xyl: Susan and myself) were also invited by Peter (HA3AUI, 6W2SC, J5UAP) who spends several month together with his family there in every year.