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TX0A (OC-113) – TX0M (OC-297)

DXpedition to French Polynesia: TX0A (OC-113) and TX0M (OC-297) by Cezar Trifu, VE3LYC The DXCC entity of French Polynesia (FO) includes about 100 islands and atolls within a large area of southern Pacific, extending approximately 2200 km in the NW-SE direction, and up to 800 km perpendicular to it. These islands are grouped in 12 …

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Z23MD Zimbabwe expedition

Tous les ans depuis 2011, le Méditerranéo Dx Club (le pendant Italien de notre CDXC) organise une expédition dx. Cette année c’est au Zimbabwe que 16 OM’s de 8 nationalités différentes  (6 Italiens, IZ8CCW, I2VGW, IZ2GNQ, IK5BOH, IZ4UEZ, IK4QJF – 2 Belges, ON4LO, ON7RN – 2 Polonais, SP6EQZ, SP3DOI – 2 Allemands, DL6KVA, DJ5IW – …

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A35EU Tonga expedition

                                         The kingdom of Tonga 2018                                           A35EU by Ronald PA3EWP How did this adventure start? During a few …

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