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5W0GC & YJ0GC Dx’pedition

organized by Stan, LZ1GC The idea of activating Samoa (5W) and Vanuatu (YJ) occurred to me immediately after the end of the H40GC DXpedition 2017. I had other plans, but in February, 2018, I decided to activate these two destinations. At that time, Samoa (5W) was 127th in the CLUBLOG ranking as the most wanted …

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EP6RRC île de Shiff IOTA: AS-189

Written by Vasily V. Pinchuk R7AL We landed in Tehran International airport at around 05-00 local time and after passing the visa formalities were meet by Mohammad EP2LMA and Ali EP2AK. Actually, there are very strict custom rules in Iran, but Mohammad made a really good and outstanding job before our arrival and we passed …

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9LY1JM île Banana – Sierra Leone

Depuis maintenant de nombreuses années, F6KOP organise des expéditions à travers le monde…. Malheureusement, il est de plus en plus difficile vue le nombre d’expéditions organisées par des KOPains ou d’autres équipes de trouver des opérateurs libres aux bonnes dates. Mais depuis que nous avons décidé de mettre en place une petite équipe de 9 …

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